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Belltron®️ by KB-Seiren Ltd. is a high-performance conductive fiber which controls static electricity responsible for various static problems.

Static Electricity can cause trouble everywhere, typical examples are the crackle experienced when removing clothing and feeling the shock of an electric discharge upon touching doorknob. Static electricity is also said to trigger staining and hay fever because of its nature to attract dust and pollen.


  • Offers Sufficient Static Control Capability
  • Possesses Excellent Static Control Capacity
  • High Resistance to Washing, Flexing and Abrasion


Electrical Insulation

Electrical Insulation


  • Apparel: Sweaters, ceremonial garments, school uniforms, fleece wear
  • Working Wear: Dust-free garments, work uniforms, lab coats, firefighter uniforms
  • Interior: Curtains, carpets, towels, blankets.
  • Household Goods: Masks, anti static brushes, aprons, gloves
  • Others: Office appliances, wiping cloths, filters, car seats


*Belltron® is a registered trademark of KB-Seiren Ltd.

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