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Q-NOVA® by Fulgar®, is a nylon 6,6 fibre obtained from environmentally friendly raw materials and responds to specific traceability requirements. Q-NOVA® is made from waste materials coming from the company’s production cycle. This choice makes it possible to reduce the use of crude oil necessary for the production of the polymer.

Specifically, the recycled content of Q-NOVA by Fulgar® will be 60%. Going from 99% to 60% will:

  • Raise spinning performance levels and achieve greater quality control on the product during the dyeing process, setting maximum efficiency standards for all those involved in the textile supply chain and implementing the zero-waste philosophy to the greatest possible degree.
  • Take into consideration new resources from pre-industrial scrap, although, as it is not as carefully selected and pure, it will have to be mixed with virgin nylon 6.6 polymer in order to obtain a stable product suitable for production on an industrial scale.


  • Highly Sustainable according to the European method LCA - ISO 14040 and ISO 14044
  • Slashes CO2 eq. emissions by 47%
  • Cuts down on liters of water per kg of product by 39%
  • Reduce the specific weight
  • Good moisture management property
  • Maintains the freshness and hygiene of the skin
  • Can be dyed with levels of wet fastness as Standard Attention Doctors and Chemists


Soft and Lightweight

Soft and Lightweight

Moisture Management

Moisture Management


  • Activewear


*Q-NOVA® is a registered trademark of Fulgar®

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