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 THERMOLITE<sup>®</sup> Pro Infrared

THERMOLITE® Pro Infrared


THERMOLITE® brand technology solutions, backed by distinctive new consumer-oriented branding, can be used across the broad product range. Fabrics and insulations made with THERMOLITE® brand technology can be tailored to meet the end user’s performance needs and are certified to ensure class-leading performance regardless of supply source.


THERMOLITE® INFRARED technology is an innovative solution that is solar-activate by the sun, or artificial light sources, using a unique blend of near infrared (NIR) yarns with proprietary additives. Yarns absorb the NIR rays to raise the temperature of the garment, while the system’s integrated high-quality insulation traps air, and minimizes heat loss, to help optimize performance in freezing temperatures.

When you select THERMOLITE® brand, you can be confident you are making the right choice. With nearly 30 years’ experience keeping consumer warm and dry, our products offer outstanding quality, dependability, and performance. The THERMOLITE® brand has a history of driving innovation and providing marketing and communications support throughout the value chain.


  • Solar-activated technology absorbs NIR and raises the temperature of the garment
  • THERMOLITE® INFRARED technology lasts the lifespan of a garment and does not wash off
  • Good insulation (CLO) levels
  • Quick-drying performance
  • Good fabric and insulation stability
  • Fabric certification processes help ensure consistent high performance regardless of supply source
Quick Dry

Quick Dry



UV Protection

UV Protection


  • Fleece
  • Insulation for Jackets
  • Sleeping Beds,
  • Shoes
  • Gloves and Caps
  • Denim
  • Bottoms
  • Ready-to-wear and Outdoor Shirting
  • Ready-to-wear and Sportswear Tops


*THERMOLITE® Pro Infrared is a registered trademark of The Lycra Company

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