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Past, Present & Future

Welcome to iTextiles®!

iTextiles® is a multi-disciplinary textile solutions company that creates, manages and innovates the entire value chain in performance textiles. Started in 2006 as a trading concern for fibers, the company has rapidly evolved to become a leading value chain manager in the region, supplying raw material to and representing some of the biggest international companies and their brands.

Today iTextiles® is fully capable and committed to make fabrics and chemicals that will create value for your ascension. You can find iTextiles® managing the entire value chain, working alongside both manufacturing business and retail partners to provide fiber and fabrics tailored explicitly for every textile need. Our integrated and innovative solutions in research and development, testing, market generation, sourcing, branding, manufacturing and sales create countless possibilities for every client; together with whom we create value for existing products and business models.

Fashion, workwear, military, home textiles-you name it, we’ve got it. You can find our products environment friendly, comfortable to wear, durable and sustainable for an experience that accelerates innovation. With our international quality, count on us for great solutions that works best for different fabric needs.

Our Philosophy

  • As you navigate our website, we hope you learn more about the qualities that make our company an outstanding creator of value at each step in the textile industry to deliver performance.
  • We focus on working for your satisfaction and work with passion, pride and impeccable service ethos-all to give you a great customer experience.
  • We focus on strategizing for value-creation and innovation in a business and help our clients transform the way we look at or use all sorts of textile products. The ideas we create and the 360 degrees innovation we bring about are critical to revolutionizing the textiles industry locally and globally, as well as making your business more sustainable. From revolutionizing the concept of fashion and modernizing the approach to performance garments, iTextiles® has earned a reputation for delivering solutions that truly make a difference.
  • We have a client first philosophy and we help ensure that you achieve your goals with the highest level of performance and value. Our methodology ensures that all deals are stood up on time and are on schedule wherein with our expertise and confidence in the field, you can take your business to the next level of performance.
  • We have true international reach because we have worked in many of the most demanding and secure environments in the world, and our global reach means that we can support you wherever your needs require us to. Through our global partners, we are able to draw upon the accumulated knowledge of any innovation that has set new standards of excellence in the textiles industry, keeping you at the leading edge.
  • We live out our values of Integrity, Openness, Innovation, Equality, Employee Care and Sustainability, making us an organisation you will be proud to be a part of.
  • Whether you are a potential customer, a small business partner, or a future employee, we look forward to finding out how we can work together to bring performance to life.


Through research, learning, engagement and economic development, iTextiles® in collaboration with NTU creates solutions that solve the grand challenges facing the textiles industry while creating opportunities to help bolster the economy.

National Textile University along with iTextiles® is proudly contributing towards sustainable socio-economic development of the society and welfare of humanity through pursuit of excellence in education, research and innovation in areas of national importance, with special emphasis on textile and clothing.

We translate the latest research into practical applications to improve performance of the textiles industry. We also create, develop and deliver the knowledge and skills needed by the industry to thrive in the fast-changing, culturally diverse environment of the 21st century, with an eye on the opportunities that lie ahead.

Reaching New Heights Just Got Comfortable

iTextiles® innovates fabric and fiber technologies along with final products that make your products ready to face life’s wear and tear. We protect our protectors by supplying durable protection in clothing, boots, packs and all kind of gear to the military and workforce.

No matter where life takes you, from working on the factory floor, saving lives in extremely hot temperatures to going on adventures across the globe and exploring new cities while scaling cliffs or hitting jumps in extreme environments, iTextiles® has got you covered. We offer long-lasting confidence and protection that allows you to push through your limits and conquer life’s challenges like never before.

When you have a tough and reliable partner like iTextiles®, taking the world by storm then reaching new heights becomes comfortable. So, what are you waiting for? Get. Set. Create with iTextiles®.


Durability is the new Sustainability

iTextiles® innovates products that provide you lasting comfort anywhere you go. We believe in reshaping the future of textiles by bringing the new concept of comfortable fashion without compromising on style.

We design products made to last:
Lasting Shape Retention with controlled shrinkage and unbeatable strength.
Lasting Freshness with advanced anti-microbial technology to keep your textiles free from illness causing microbes while keeping bad odour at bay.
Lasting Fit with no puckering issues on the seam, levered luster and lenient hand-feel.

Work from Home or anywhere else without compromising on both style and comfort with iTextiles® revolutionary fibers and technologies.

Explore our Fashion and Home Textiles segments to discover your needs.


Global Partners

Our Reach

We work in over 40 countries around the world and will continue to support and connect brands, retailers, mills and innovators no matter where they are so that they have opportunities to collaborate with one another and contribute their own unique experiences and expertise to the global textile community.