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 Newstar<sup>®</sup> Meta-aramid

Newstar® Meta-aramid

Newstar® Meta-aramid is integrity of numerous excellent properties such as offers outstanding heat resistance, flame resistance, electrical insulation, resistance to chemicals, corrosion resistance, radiation resistance, good textile properties. It is playing irreplaceable role in many areas.

Newstar® can be processed into special industrial insulation paper to be used mainly for making insulation materials and honeycomb core materials.

Insulation paper made from Newstar® reaches the insulation Class C (210oC) and the mechanical and electrical components made from it can reach the insulation Class F (150oC) and Class H (180oC). Due to the fact that meta-aramid paper made from Newstar® does not deform or melt, the mechanical and electronic components made with it can resist high temperature and overload temporarily, besides the benefits of smaller size and lighter weight.


  • Newstar® Meta-aramid fiber’s low stiffness and high elongation provides excellent textile properties and characteristics, allowing processing on all types of conventional textile equipments.
  • The staple fiber can be processed into yarns or blended with other fibers for the manufacture of knitted or woven fabrics as well as non-woven fabrics


  • Non woven felts and woven filtration fabrics made of Newstar® are widely used for hot gas and dust filtration in metallurgy industry, cement industry and road construction.
  • Steel works
  • Cement plant
  • Pitch Mixing plant

Other Industrial Uses:

Scrims made of Newstar® can be compounded with fluorine rubber into any size hoses for conveying waste gas of big voltage engines. It can also be made into lead wires or damper fabrics to be used on computers, TVs, cars, power amplifiers, etc.

  • High temperature conveyors
  • Advanced sound dampers
  • Thermal resistance hoses for automotive


*Newstar® is a registered trademark of the meta-aramid products of Yantai Tayho Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.

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