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 Taparan<sup>®</sup> Type 539

Taparan® Type 539

Taparan® Type 539 is specially designed for outdoor fiber optic cables with its excellent properties of high modulus and low elongation.

Taredar® dipped aramid cord is available in both soft and stiff types.


  • It offers good adhesion for textiles and rubbers, besides its excellent properties of high specific strength, high specific modulus, high temperature resistance, flame resistance, fatigue resistance, cut resistance, etc
Cut and Stab Resistant

Cut and Stab Resistant

Fire Retardant

Fire Retardant

Tear and abrasion resistant

Tear and abrasion resistant


  • Taparan® Type 539 meets various installation demands of heavier loads, longer spans and extreme weathers.
  • Taredar® dipped aramid cord is the ideal material for making rubber belts, being widely used in trimming belt, V-ribbed belt, joint group V belt, timing belt, poly V-Belt and wrapped V belt for automotive, industry and agricultural machine.


*Taparan®️ is the registered trademark of the meta-aramid products of Yantai Tayho Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.

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