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 EcoFast<sup>™</sup> (CR-2000)

EcoFast (CR-2000)

For cotton dyeing and finishing mills seeking differentiated offering through improved productivity and positive impact on their environmental footprint, EcoFAST facilitates energy and manpower savings through a reduction in dyeing cycle time and dyeing without additional auxiliaries’ salt.

Belongs to the portfolio of Dow Advanced Materials, Performance Additives Business.

EcoFast treatment modifies cotton to attract and bond with traditional and new dyes, providing dyers with options to differentiate via cost, performance or environmental benefits.
EcoFast allows customers access to:

  • Optimized treatment and dyeing guidelines
  • Shade matching assistance
  • Regional network of technical service
  • Global supply


  • Productivity: Cycle time reduction
  • Sustainability: TDS reduction; Energy consumption
  • Supply Chain Flexibility: Dye on demand; Reduced inventory
  • Quality: Fastness; Depth of shade
Lasting Color

Lasting Color




  • Traditional equipment: CPB, Exhaust, Garment
  • Fiber, fabric, yarn:  Knit, Woven, Towels
  • Major dye types: Fiber reactive, direct, acid


*EcoFAST is a trademark of IFF

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