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Shaping Tomorrow: iTextiles’ Integral Role in Knowtex’s Annual Stakeholder Conference 2023

Distinguished as a major collaborator and stakeholder, iTextiles played a pivotal role at the Annual Stakeholder Conference-2023 hosted by Knowtex. This event, held on August 16, 2023, in NTU offered a platform to bridge the gap between the textile industry and academia.

Gathering 23 faculty members from three prestigious universities and 22 industrial collaborators spanning 17 diverse sectors, the conference thrived with dynamic discussions, insightful exchanges, and the invaluable cross-pollination of ideas. iTextiles’ active involvement underscored our unwavering commitment to catalyzing collaboration and fostering innovation within the industry.

This significant contribution echoes our dedication to shaping the trajectory of ongoing research in tandem with the evolving demands of various sectors. Anticipate further developments as we continue our drive to instigate positive transformations, fostering connections that redefine the future of textiles.