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Introducing the new status symbol of Sustainability, Conscious Fashion and Innovation that runs in our DNA.

iTextiles® is committed to making sustainable living commonplace and our logo is a visual expression of that commitment. Naturally, the threads represent our DNA. But look a little closer and you’ll see there’s much more to it. The threads of the DNA hold a rich meaning at its core, representing an aspect of our business and our purpose to make sustainable living and innovation part of each business’ process. The threads themselves represent fibers in a fabric and the twists and turns suggest our infinite commitment to innovation, conscious fashion and sustainability. The new logo opens doors for numerous different possibilities for iTextiles® to broaden their worldview with regards to sustainability and recycling which in turn catalyzes better sales. 

Today iTextiles® is fully capable and committed to make fabrics and chemicals that will create value for your ascension. You can find iTextiles® managing the entire value chain, working alongside both manufacturing business and retail partners to provide fiber and fabrics tailored explicitly for every textile need. Our integrated and innovative solutions in research and development, testing, market generation, sourcing, branding, manufacturing and sales create countless possibilities for every client; together with whom we create value for existing products and business models.

Since its inception, iTextiles® has been committed to bringing continuous innovation to the Pakistani textile industry based on international consumer demand. With evolving consumer buying behavior in light of global warming and recession, iTextiles® has promised to introduce innovative yet sustainable products in the market. Today iTextiles® is successfully offering an extensive product portfolio of sustainable fibers and chemicals such as LYCRA® EcoMade, COOLMAX® EcoMade, THERMOLITE® EcoMade, LYRA® T400® EcoMade, LYCRA® Dual Comfort, MARMARA®, Naia™, Smart Linen, Silvadur™ and many more.

In line with this portfolio and our dedication towards sustainability and greener global solutions, we are excited to announce our new logo with the color green infused in our DNA strand.