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Earth Protex Corp partners with iTextiles®

Earth Protex and iTextiles® join in partnership to bring new generation recycled polyester technology to Pakistan.

Earth Protex and iTextiles® announced today that the companies have entered into a strategic partnership that will focus on the distribution of ground breaking textile-to-textile recycled polyester fiber, Tex2TexTM to major Pakistan manufacturers and brands.

Tex2TexTM is an important solution as the textile industry needs to move away from single-use plastics such as PET bottles in the circular economy. PET bottles recycled into textile products are generally considered ‘downcycled’. Tex2TexTM is also a solution in response to the forthcoming bottle shortage of 10 million metric tons/year by 2025 as the beverage and fashion industry start competing for this limited feedstock. Tex2TexTM is a textile-to-textile recycling technology for synthetic textile waste. Through their low impact thermo- mechanical reactor (TMR) process, Tex2TexTM converts textile waste into recycled polyester staple fiber and filament. The Tex2TexTM LCA demonstrates that the process uses less energy and water, and has less carbon emissions compared to virgin polyester, as well as mechanically and chemically recycled RPET from bottles.

The agreement brings together the innovative technologies of Earth Protex and the strong distribution network and credibility of iTextiles®, and enable the integration of Tex2TexTM fibers into many top global brands supply chains in the region. The partnership will focus on circular knits, warp knits, denim and socks, however Tex2TexTM is also suitable for home textiles, suiting, flannels, shirting, and countless other applications.

iTextiles® is a multi-disciplinary textile solutions company that creates and manages, entire value chains in performance textiles. The company has rapidly evolved to become a leading value chain manager in the region, representing some of the biggest international companies and their brands. iTextiles® has aways been known for introducing Innovative textile solutions and is looking forward to work in alliance with Earth Protex to bring more sustainable products to Pakistan.

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