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iTextiles® (Pvt) Limited is closely collaborating with NED and other textile universities to contribute towards fulfillment of the growing demand for the exchange of information and ideas that are known to be of great importance in prevailing dynamics of the textile industry globally. Therefore, iTextiles® not only sponsored but actively participated in the 4th International Textile Conference, held in NED University in March 2020. This event provided a collaborative platform to leading academic scientists, industrialist, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their ongoing research work and practical experiences and amplified the synergies between academia and industry for innovation and textile sector development.

In addition to above iTextiles® (Pvt) Limited also collaborated for the 5th All Pakistan NED DICE Textile Innovation Event 2020 focused on Innovation, Sustainability and Value Chain. DICE Textile is a strategic initiative of DICE Foundation USA, led by the National Textile University, Faisalabad in close collaboration with consortium universities, textile industry and the government. The major objective of this platform is to foster the culture of innovation and to promote commercialization of those innovative processes or products, both indigenous and internationally, which can be capitalized for the progression of the textile industry of Pakistan.

This year DICE Textile’s major innovation themes were Conventional Textiles, Technical Textiles, Sustainability, Eco Friendly Textiles, Water Treatment, Textile Designing and Fashion. This event included multiple activities such as:

  • Innovation Exhibition – Commercially ready projects and concepts related to textile Sciences/Engineering and Textile Fashion/Designing.
  • DICE Shark – An initiative to pitch shortlisted students/ faculty research projects to CEOs/Technical Directors for funding with the objective to encourage innovation by youth and to make it beneficial for industry.
  • National Innovation Basket – This session helped in identification and achievement of short term, medium term and long term improvements in the textile sector for the sustainable growth of textile exports of Pakistan.

This event brought all the major stake holders including academia, the industry, the relevant government bodies and expatriates on-board and provided them a common platform to identify and promote indigenous innovations pertaining to the field of textiles. This event also facilitated capacity building of textile sector by leveraging the knowledge of expatriates and channeling internal and external resources towards the overall development of the textile industry of Pakistan.

Mr. Mujeeb Ullah, CEO of iTextiles® not only presented his views in the conference and DICE Event but also moderated the panel discussion to address current challenges and presented solutions to Textile Engineering problems. Other team members of iTextiles® including but not limited to Mr. Syed Arshad Ali (Director Sales and Operations), Mr. Taqerrub Raza Sayeed (Senior Technical and Marketing Manager), Mr. Yasir Ammar (Senior Manager Business Development), Mr. Adeel Ahmed (Sales Manager), Mr. Shabih ul Hassan (Senior Commercial Manager) and Ms. Fatima Hamid (Assistant Manager HR and Corporate Communication) also played active role in this entire event by representing iTextiles® and providing important information to masses regarding new technologies and industry dynamics.