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SILVADUR Antimicrobial: Answering the need for efficient and effective Microbial Control for Hometextiles

Consumers around the world continue to express their desire to eliminate unwanted, odor-causing bacteria and mold from their home textiles. This is fueling the market for sheets, pillows, comforters and mattress tops and home textile products that provide long lasting odor control and freshness, without compromising the safety of humans and the environment. Until two years ago, however, manufacturers of home textiles, as well as brand owners, were expressing concerns about the performance of traditional, silver-based microbial control products. They found them to: lack durability; affect the color of fabrics; be difficult to handle in textile mills; and require extensive pre- and post-treatment processes.

Breakthrough Microbial Control Technology

These industry-wide concerns were addressed in September 2012 with the introduction of SILVADUR™ Antimicrobial by Dow Microbial Control. SILVADUR is a breakthrough technology that is differentiated from other antimicrobials by a patented intelligent controlled-release polymeric delivery system that conveys a low concentration of silver ions to fabric surfaces and activates them in the presence of undesirable bacteria. The benefits of this bio-responsive performance include active, durable protection for more than 50 washings, no staining or yellowing of fabrics and no build-up of free silver on the fabric. SILVADUR is an easy-to-apply liquid that is compatible with both natural and synthetic fibers, as well as a broad range of additives and detergents.Most important to manufacturers of home textiles and brand owners,SILVADUR continuously maintains fabric integrity by inhibiting microbial growth and does not affect the feel, finish or appearance of the product.

Sales Growth Potential for Home Textiles

The timing of SILVADUR’s introduction could not have been better for the home textiles value chain.

Proprietary research conducted by Dow Microbial Control underscores the potentialfor growth in salesof home textiles treated to eliminate odor-causing bacteria and keep a product fresh over its useful life. The survey comprised 750 consumers in the United States, however,the resultsare likely reflective of consumer sentiment in other major markets for home textiles. The survey showed that:

  • 54 percent of the consumers surveyed had heard of fabrics with antimicrobial properties.
  • 60 percent of the consumers surveyed were interested in purchasing sheets, pillows, towels, comforters and mattress tops that have antimicrobial properties.
  • 90 percent of consumers currently using products treated withantimicrobialsare interested in purchasing morehome textile products treated with antimicrobial control technology.
  • Consumers are willing to pay up to 20 percent more for certain home textile items treated with next-generationmicrobial control technology.

Certified Mill Program

In mid-2014, Dow Microbial Control instituted a Certified Mill Program to recognize home textile manufacturers who have successfully completed a training program and demonstrated their proficiency in using SILVADUR Antimicrobial in their production processes. The SILVADUR global distributor network continues to evaluate candidates for the program. Dow Microbial Control will provide its certified mills with advanced technical and production training, increased promotional support, inclusion in case studies, and, more importantly, expanded access to leading brands and retailers.Representatives of Dow Microbial Control will be available at Heimtextil to discuss the Certified Mill Program, or any other aspect of SILVADUR Antimicrobial, with interested parties.