thermolite infra red


Near infra-red yarns are made with a unique blend of proprietary additives allowing the yarn to absorb NIR rays, either from the sun or artificial  sources , increasing its temperature.

THERMOLITE® INFRARED technologies works figuratively as two layer performance insulation. One layer of conventional insulation by trapping air and minimizing total heat loss and second one ,delivering an extra warming solar-powered benefit when exposed to Sun / light.


  • High consistence on fabric performance overtime and regardless sources.
  • Permanent Performance.
  • Rises garment temperature when absorbed NIR rays.
  • Good insulation (CLO) levels
  • Excellent washing durability
  • Quick drying performance


Fleece , Baselayer , Insulation for Jackets , Shoes , Gloves ,Denim Bottoms , Ready to wear, Protection and workwear.