科学与创新相结合,创造SILVADUR™技术,,en,智能抗菌,保持纺织品新鲜无异味,,en,SILVADUR™联银的元素力量有专利的输送系统,以建立一个非常有效的,,en,高度持久的抗菌为各种各样的纺织品和服装应用,,en,SILVADUR的专利含聚合物的银技术提供的银离子在织物表面并激活它们在细菌的存在,以防止不良气味,,en,这种生物反应性能功能确保SILVADUR停留在面料和超过保持活跃,,en,也,,en,SILVADUR不会分离或在高温下或在漂白剂存在降解,不会变色织物,,en, the intelligent antimicrobial that keeps textiles fresh and odor-free.

SILVADUR™ unites silver’s elemental powers with a patented delivery system to create an extremely effective, highly durable antimicrobial for a wide variety of textile and apparel applications. SILVADUR’s patented polymer-containing silver technology delivers silver ions to the fabric surface and activates them in the presence of bacteria to prevent undesirable odors. This bio-responsive performance feature ensures that SILVADUR stays on the fabric and remains active for more than 50 洗涤. Also, SILVADUR won’t detach or degrade at high temperatures or in the presence of bleach and won’t discolor fabrics.


  • SILVADUR™是液体制剂,其易于在纺织制造工艺应用和与许多fivers兼容,,en,面料,,en,和其他添加剂,,en,高效的应用意味着成本对测试可以是显著下,,en,SILVADUR™是对细菌和真菌引起的门高效,,en,变色或纺织品的恶化,,en,SILVADUR™与美国EPA注册,,en,EPA注册,,en,没有,,en,其成分被通知和欧盟BPD支持下,,en,SILVADUR™产品线是由国际环保纺织协会认可的无毒,,en,SILVADUR™是陶氏化学公司的商标。,,en, fabrics, and other additives. Efficient application means that cost-to-test can be significantly lower.
  • SILVADUR™ is efficient against bacteria and fungi which cause doors, discolouration or deterioration of textiles.
  • SILVADUR™ is registered with the US EPA (EPA Reg. No. 707-313.) and its ingredients is notified and supported under the EU BPD.
  • SILVADUR™ product line is approved as non-toxic by the international Oeko-Tex Association.

SILVADUR™ is a trademark of the DOW chemical Company.