SilvaDur® DOW®

Science and innovation combine to create SILVADUR™ technology, the intelligent antimicrobial that keeps textiles fresh and odor-free.

SILVADUR™ unites silver’s elemental powers with a patented delivery system to create an extremely effective, highly durable antimicrobial for a wide variety of textile and apparel applications. SILVADUR’s patented polymer-containing silver technology delivers silver ions to the fabric surface and activates them in the presence of bacteria to prevent undesirable odors. This bio-responsive performance feature ensures that SILVADUR stays on the fabric and remains active for more than 50 washings. Also, SILVADUR won’t detach or degrade at high temperatures or in the presence of bleach and won’t discolor fabrics.

Features and Benefits

  • SILVADUR™ is a liquid formulation which is easy to apply in the textile manufacturing process and is compatible with many fivers, fabrics, and other additives. Efficient application means that cost-to-test can be significantly lower.
  • SILVADUR™ is efficient against bacteria and fungi which cause doors, discolouration or deterioration of textiles.
  • SILVADUR™ is registered with the US EPA (EPA Reg. No. 707-313.) and its ingredients is notified and supported under the EU BPD.
  • SILVADUR™ product line is approved as non-toxic by the international Oeko-Tex Association.

SILVADUR™ is a trademark of the DOW chemical Company.