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iTEXTILES® offers the widest range of specialized greige and…

Our goal is to provide accurate and timely information, close customer coordination and technical and professional help at any stage.

  • Supplier Research, We find the right supplier for each of our clients based on their product requirements , quantity and quality expectations, identify new products and assist in sourcing.
  • Sampling, we organize the samples as per buyer requirement.
  • Costing, depending on product specifications, we negotiate with the potential vendors to give you the best price for your product.
  • Development, an effective follow up in every step during this process will lead you to a successful production. We assure that every step is accomplished correctly and according to your time schedule.
  • Production, based on TNA and WIP ,we do personalized follow up in the supplier’s facilities during the production process and assure to have your production in the right time and quality manner.

Quality Control

  • With team of professionals ,our purpose is to assist you during the whole production process, from the pricing, development, up to delivery of production.
  • Our highest aim is customer satisfaction, which we achieve through the delivery of continuous quality. Only internal communication and trainings make this continuity possible by raising the quality-awareness of our employees.
  • After sales services, we maintain confidentiality of each and every order executed and to be a good arbitrator for any possible disputes.