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 LYCRA<sup>®</sup> MyFit™ Fiber (962L)

LYCRA® MyFit™ Fiber (962L)

Introducing LYCRA® MyFit fiber, a breakthrough innovation from the leading experts in fit while providing advanced stretch properties for a customized fit without compromising comfort or support. A unique combination of soft stretch plus excellent fit and shape retention for Intimate Apparel, Sportswear and Underwear
Fabrics made with LYCRA® MyFit fiber deliver on expectations for fit and shape retention while providing form-fitting comfort that moves with you.

Garment sizing is always a compromise. No one is a perfect size “M” or “L”; they are taller or shorter, narrower or wider, or in between sizes. With this new LYCRA® Fiber, we see an opportunity to create garments that fit more people, better, with fewer compromises.


  • LYCRA® Fiber polymer, 962L, is designed to provide a "soft" or "easy-stretch" for fabrics during daily consumer use
  • Has good elastic recovery providing excellent fit and shape retention
  • Can offer an improved fit range, second-skin comfort, and even the potential for fewer garment sizes in a range.
Soft and Lightweight

Soft and Lightweight

Extreme Stretch

Extreme Stretch

Shape Retention

Shape Retention


  • Suitable for all intimate apparel, sportswear and underwear applications
  • Designed for knitting (circular knit, seamless, waistbands, and wrap knit)
  • For bottom weight woven applications, including denim
  • Non-denim


*Lycra® MyFit Fiber is a registered trademark of The Lycra Company

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