The compressive force of LYCRA® FREEFIT® fabric is much lower than typical stretch fabric which indicates it provides less strain, more freedom to move, and a wider fit window.


  • Provide Easy , Linear stretch with good recovery and soft touch.
  • This is achieved by using THE LYCRA® Company Patent Technology on covering yarn , textile processing and fabric structure.
  • LYCRA® FREEFIT Fabric are easy to make due to low come down during finishing results in less shrinkage and open construction.
  • Heat set is not necessary.
  • Comfort ,fit and shape retention are the Top criteria in women’s denim purchases.
  • High stretch provide the flexible and comfort that many consumer are seeking BUT many high stretch fabrics have:
  • High restraining force , which limits the wearer comfort
  • Jammed construction which results more synthetic appearance
  • High Shrinkage and less Growth
  • LYCRA® FREEFIT fabric can addresses to overcome such issue and provide you soft stretch with less growth.

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LYCRA®FREEF!T® is a trademark of The LYCRA Company