HYBRID Technology by Lycra® Brand

Knits. Wovens. Each have their unique advantages. But now consumers don’t have to choose — with hybrid technology by LYCRA® brand, they can have the best of both worlds — the comfort and flexibility of a knit with the authentic aesthetics

and performance of a woven

Fabrics with hybrid technology are made using The LYCRA Company patented and patent pending constructions that combine the look of a woven fabric with the comfortable fit and freedom of a knit.

The fabrics can be engineered for use in a range of different garment types, each

serving different consumer needs:

Everyday Jeans (LYCRA®): Moves with you for a fabulous fit

Shaping Jeans (LYCRA® Beauty): Shapes the body comfortably

Active Jeans (LYCRA® Sport): Supports your active lifestyle in and out of the gym