Kanecaron is a registered trade name of inherently flame-retardant modacrylic fibers manufactured by Kaneka Corporation, JAPAN. Kanecaron provides excellent flame retardant properties to a fabric, while at the same time allowing its original fiber characteristics, such as softness and natural appearance, to be maintained.

Protex® can meet the following standards, depending on composition and construction, , EN ISO 11611-2008 , EN ISO11612-2008, EN-471, EN1149-1, ASTM-D-6413, NFPA-70E, NFPA2112 , BS-7175 etc.


It is an aromatic polyamide fiber which possesses excellent physical and mechanical properties. Because of its outstanding flame-retardant and heat-resisting properties, it can be applied widely in filtration, thermal protective apparel and honeycombed structure materials, etc.

Insulating felts, sewing thread, zipper tapes and the manufacture of heat resistant paper, knitted products such as underwear, insulating materials such as insulating tape and felt.

Para Aramid is a strong synthetic fiber with heat resistant properties. It also has outstanding performances of lightness, high strength, high modulus, anti-corrosion, good insulation and impact resistance properties. Typically it is spun into fabric and ropes that can be used as an ingredient in composite component.

Para Aramid has several applications such as;

Combat helmets, ballistic face masks, ballistic vests, bulletproof facemasks, and emergency Service’s protection gear if it involves high heat.

Personal protection
Safety Gloves, sleeves, jackets and other articles of clothing designed to protect users from cuts, abrasions and heat.

Sports equipment
Motorcycle safety clothing, Football shoe (laces), Sails for high performance racing boats.

TECGEN® fiber is a patented, Bi-regional fiber with unique heat protection capabilities. It features a high density carbonaceous shell, which provides protection from radiant heat, and an acrylic core that allows the fiber to maintain good textile properties. The beauty of TECGEN® fiber is that the fiber can be blended or spun into normal textiles, unlike carbon fibers described as OPF.

Performs Under Fire:
When it comes to performance, gear made with advanced TECGEN® fiber delivers the ultimate combination of lightweight, comfort and protection.

TECGEN® Fiber Extensive Capabilities:
Expand your fire and heat protection products’ performance with a wide range of spinning, strength and blending capabilities.

TECGEN® provides better protection from flash fire, electric arcs and radiant heat because it has higher density than other fibers
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