CR-2000 cationic reagent is used to produce cationic cotton in yarn or fabric form. Cotton modified with CR-2000 cationic reagent acquires a permanent positive charge, enabling it to have a higher affinity for negatively charged molecules, such as dyes. This results in higher color yields with both direct dyes and reactive dyes, without adding salt to the dye bath.
In addition to manufacturing and environmental advantages, CR-2000 cationic reagents deliver breakthrough performance and unparalleled quality in treated cotton. Wet and dry crocks are improved and there is no wet migration, even with the color turquoise. Cotton treated with CR-2000 cationic reagent responds better to the most problematic shades, such as reds, navies, blacks, turquoises, and all medium and dark shades.

  • Benefits of Cationic Cotton Technolog
  • 40-50% reduction of dyeing time for increased productivity
  • Lower temperature operations for lower energy costs
  • Lower water requirements
  • Fewer fixing agents and additives
  • Reduced effluent toxicity, no salt in effluent
  • Nearly 100% dye exhaustion, so fewer rinses needed
  • Little or no cleaning of equipment for faster turnaround
  • Brighter colors