Cooling when hot. Warming when cold.

COOLMAX® All Season fabric

In the heat or cold. Whether taking it easy or turning it on. COOLMAX® All Season fabric does it all. It keeps outdoor enthusiasts dry and comfortable as they face changing conditions on everything from a short hike to a long race. While providing you with a path to greater sales.

COOLMAX® All Season fabric optimizes the body’s natural thermoregulation capabilities. It contains fibers with a channeling surface to move moisture away from the body when the wearer is hot. Plus fibers with a hollow core to provide insulation for added comfort on colder days.

This unique blend:

  • Dries quickly
  • Maintains a natural feel that’s soft, lightweight and breathable
  • Empowers the wearer with more confidence, more self-belief and more focus in their sport or activity.

Right for More than Just Any Season

COOLMAX® All Season technology can be applied to a large blend of fabrics containing wool, nylon, silk and other materials. ft’s ideal for next-to-skin activewear as well as for more casual occasions. Recommended applications include tees, polos, base layers, sweaters and bottoms. Regardless of the end use, it keeps the wearer within their comfort zone at different levels of activity

COOLMAX® Is The Ultimate Performance FabricTM

COOLMAX® fabric is the original wicking performance fabric. It’s a hightech, clean, stylish brand that conveys quality, technology, commitment and high performance. As with all COOLMAX® fabrics, COOLMAX® All Season fabric offers permanent and effective cooling power because it is the fabric. Competitive products, on the other hand, use finishes and washes.

COOLMAX® All Season fabric Branding

For qualifying fabrics, COOLMAX® All Season fabric hangtags can be ordered online. The hangtags are free and the ordering process is simple.