iTEXTILES® has been sourcing a wide products range for Men, Ladies & Children’s Wear by using and utilizing modern equipments, advanced technology, qualified technicians, skilled workers, blended with comprehensive quality management system. It is core policy to ensure consistently quality for all kinds of knit, woven apparels and denim garments.

We offer complete range of Garments wash such as PFGD , Enzyme/ Silicon washes & Pigment Dyed etc can also be offered.

KNITTED GARMENTS:  We offer Solid dyed Polo, Yarn Dyed Polo, Full Zip Hoodies, Pullover Hoodies, Sweat Shirts, Basic & fashion T-shirt, Fleece Pant, Mock Jacket, Rugby, and all kinds of outer and sport wear.

WOVEN GARMENTS:  We offer high quality Cotton apparels & Denim (stretch & non stretch) products like Pants, Shorts , Jackets, and Skirts.

LEATHER & MOTORBIKER GARMENTS:  We also produces wide range of different leather and fabric outfits for Motorcycle Riders, Sports, Gloves, Pants and Protection. We guarantee the most possible functionality for all our products.

FITNESS & SPORT GOODS :  Our Country is known for sports goods. We produces wide range of different leather and fabric outfits for Motorcycle Riders, Pants, Protection, Gloves, Sports goods, Soccer and fitness belts.

GLOVES:  Motorbike Gloves, Boxing Gloves, Weight Lifting Gloves, Cycle Gloves, Cross Country Gloves, Ski Gloves, Motocross Gloves.

SOCCER:  Match Ball, Training Ball, Promotional Ball, Hand Ball, Volley Ball, Indoor Ball, Soccer Ball, Basket Balls, Rugby Balls, Mini Balls.



iTextiles® offers wide range to the requirement of designer woven and formal woven fabrics etc. Our fabrics are environment friendly and comfortable to wear. Quality materials are used to ensure the required quality of fabrics, woven fabrics including 100% Cotton, 100% Organic cotton, 100%Polyester and blends with Poly/Cotton etc Twills, Drills, Satins, Dobby & Fancy weaves, Canvases, Sheeting and Denims etc.

Fabrics are available in different weights in different widths as per customer requirement and specifications for apparel, home furnishing, sheeting etc. High speed and quality efficient Air jets, Sulzer shuttle less looms woven fabrics, range from light to heavy, narrow to wider width, plain, satins, dobby , jacquard, textured, twill, luxurious, yarn dyed fabric in stripes, checks, and stretch fabrics, from 38” to 143” grey and 1250 TC.

DYEING & FINISHING: We offer wide range of continuous processing including bleaching and dyeing of fabric up to 126” width. We have the capability to delivery mercerized, calendared, pre-shrunk fabric as per customer requirements.

DENIM: We offer, Basic, Premium and finest quality Denim Fabric from light weight 4.5oz to heavy weight 14.5 oz in regular , slub, Cross-hatch & stretch etc wider width up to 54” in stretch & 63” in rigid , Power Stretch and Super Stretch.

KNITTED FABRIC: We offer 100% cotton knitted fabrics plain or stretch. We can offer in both greige and dyed in tubular and open width. Our fabrics are available in different diameters & gauges. The different type of fabric Single Jersey, Double knit fabrics [110 GSM-400 GSM] with Lycra attachment, Cotton Fleece, Poly/Cotton Terry/ Fleece, Etc.

FLAME RETARDANT FABRIC: We also inherent Flame retardant in 11.2 oz and 13.5 oz denim . We also offer knit inherent flame retardant fabrics in Jersey and Fleece. Our all fabrics are EN ISO -11612-2008 certified.


BED LINEN:  The bed linen portfolio includes jacquard, satin, printed and dyed fabrics, made out of high quality yarns. In fine cotton, Pakistani, Egyptian and American in various weaves of Percale, Sateen, Jacquards, Dobby, and yarn dyed from 200 to 1250 TC, embellished fancy hems and embroidery.

We offer a variety of home textile made ups:

Sheet set, Comforter set, Quilt/Duvet Covers, Curtains, Table Linen, Kitchen Linen, Aprons, Jacquard, Satin & Percale, Easy-care & long-life bed-linen for hospitals, High-quality bed-linen for home-usage, Printed & dyed ready-made bed-linen sets, Plain fabrics ready for printing, Plain dyed or printed fabrics ready for tailoring, Institutional garments.

Reactive and pigment dyeing or printing can be applied as per requirement of customers . We conduct In-line quality control and laboratory tests before and after each process, to determine the strength, shrinkage, and colorfastness properties of the fabric.

BATH LINEN: Terry towels, made out of 100% cotton in pure colors and woven with great care, are highly water- absorbent and durable; while Yarn dyed towels with coordinated strips with solid, are designed to add clean and classic approach to your bathroom.

We offer Terry Towel, Bath Mats, Bath Robes, blending special fibers Zero-Twist, Bamboo, Organic & Hollow solid towels renowned of super-softness and super-absorbency.

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iTEXTILES® offers the widest range of specialized greige and dyed yarns in 100% Cotton, Poly/Cotton ring spun carded/combed & Open End yarn for knitting/weaving and Polyester, Viscose, Modal, Tencel, Coolmax, Bamboo, Acrylic  and varieties of blends in single and various Plies.

We also offers value added products like Organic Cotton, Compact, CSY, Melange, Slub, Multi count, Gassed , mercerized, Fancy yarns, and Polyester/Nylon Filament yarn like DTY, FDY and POY knitting and weaving.

The options available in raw materials are Pakistani cotton, Indian, Brazilian, American, Australian, Pima, Supima, Giza and Organic cotton.

  • 100% COTTON YARN and ORGANIC COTTON YARNSin RING SPUN, NE7/1~NE100/1 cd/cm for weaving & knitting Single & plies.
  • OPEN END yarn in 100% virgin cotton, Cotton waste from NE6/1~NE20/1 weaving/knitting Single & Plies.
  • DYED & BLEACHED yarn NE10/1~NE60/1 single & folded on paper cones or dyeing cones
  • CORE SPUN YARN, NE7/1~NE60/1 cd/cm with ELASPAN / Lycra .
  • COMPACT YARN NE8/1~NE100/1 cd/cm & 20/2~80/2 for towel, knitting & weaving to produce high end products.
  • SLUB YARN, MULTI COUNT & MULTI TWIST YARN NE7/1 to NE40/1 cd/cm for denim weaving & knitting.
  • 100% Coolmax yarn and blended with cotton
  • Inherent Flame Retardant yarns
  • SIRO YARN, in 100% cotton NE7/1~NE20/1 for weaving Single & Plies.
  • POLY/COTTON,P/V & V/C with different blends NE10/1~NE80/1 cd/cm for weaving/knitting Single & Plies.
  • GASSED & MERCERIZED yarn NE20/2~NE100/2 cd/cm raw white and dyed.
  • MELANGE YARN in ring spun Ne10/1~NE80/1 cd/cm & Open End NE8/1~NE16/1 for knitting & weaving/ sock single & folded in 100%cotton and cotton blends with Polyester / Viscose / Organic/ bamboo/ Model etc, We Have Melange SHADE CARD of more than 750 Shades.
  • 100% POLYESTER (PSY&MVS) Raw white/bright/dyed/Melange knitting/weaving NE10/1~NE60/1 & Plies.
  • MODAL YARN, in 100% Modal and blended NE16/1~NE80/1.
  • 100% TENCEL and blended yarn cd/cm NE10/1~NE50/1.
  • Cotton/PVA Hollow and 0-twist yarns.
  • 100% ACRYLIC Regular/high Bulk raw white/dyed NE20/1~NE80/1.
  • 100% BAMBOO with blended Cotton/Viscose/Polyester/Tencel/Modal NE0/1~NE50/1 single & Plies.
  • DTY (Polyester Drawn Textured Yarn) NIM,SIM,HIM in Semi dull/Bright/Tribright/Doped-dyed
  • FDY (Polyester Fully Yarn) in Semi dull/Bright/Tribright/Doped-dyed
  • Nylon 6 POY & 66,Nylon Filament yarn (FDY,HOY,12D~300D),Nylon DTY Semi dull/Bright/ Doped dyed single/2ply