Amni Soul Eco®



In order to ensure the commitment with the planet preservation and provide us sustainable solutions for the textile industry, Rhodia – Solvay Group has developed AMNI SOUL ECO®, the only biodegradable polyamide yarn in the world. Its improved formula allows all cloth made with this innovative technology to quickly decompose after being properly disposed of in landfills.


Every textile product has a life-cycle which ends with its disposal in the environment after a period of use.

The unique AMNI SOUL ECO® technology keeps the durability and the quality clothing, thanks to the decomposition process that only starts when the garment is discarded and reaches the landfill having contact with microorganisms existing in this anerobic environment. Which accomplish the yarn biodegradation.

Unlike other fibers which take decades to be decomposed, AMNI SOUL ECO® TAKES APPROXIMATELY THREE years* to be eliminated from the planet, reducing the environmental impact and ensuring a better world for future generations.


AMNI SOUL ECOR technology is part of a new generation of sustainable yarns coming from a process that respects the environment. This care for the planet is present in the reuse of water used in its manufacturing process and in the issue of greenhouse gases, which are treated prior to the emission in the environment preserving the ozone layer and nature.


In addition to the ecological and sustainable properties, Amni Soul EcoR meets all the market needs due to its properties to be dyed in different colors as well as other advantages such as:

  • Soft touch
  • Extreme comfort
  • Quality
  • Moisture absorption
  • Breathability
  • Easy washing
  • Fast drying
  • Recyclability

Garments made with Amni Soul Eco® suffer no changes when stored, having a long product shelf life similar to conventional polyamides.


AMNI SOUL ECO® Can be used in all textile industry segments: lingerie, hosiery, socks, underwear, beachwear, sportswear, Jeanswear, casual and fashion.


As a global leader in sustainable innovative insulation technologies, we are pleased to introduce our newest generation of down replacement fiber: THERMOLITE® T-Down EcoMade. Our insulation was developed as an  environmentally friendly, sustainable alternative to down feathers.


THERMOLITE® T-Down  EcoMade insulation is GRS approved and made from 100% recycled PET fiber


T-Down recycled fibers help prevent plastic bottles from polluting our planet


Excellent lightweight warmth 500 Fill Power ensures high thermal performance

Features Benefits
500 Fill Power (IDFB 10B) Excellent Light weight warmth
Warmer than down when wet (ASTM-D1518) Sustained lightweight warmth
Faster drying than down (AATCC135) Drier garments provide improved comfort
High compressibility and rapid recovery power (IDFB 10B plus ICFL 211) Improved packability. CLO values and shape retention
Excellent wash durability (ASTM-D4770) Improved stability-minimal clumping
Water repellent Keeps garment drier and improves comfort versus down
GRS approved Recycled fiber certification assures product integrity
Air permeability (ASTM-D-737-4) Breathable for enhanced comfort

THERMOLITE® Pro Infrared


THERMOLITE® brand technology solutions, backed by distinctive new consumer-oriented branding, can be used across the broad product range. Fabrics and insulations made with THERMOLITE® brand technology can be tailored to meet the end user’s performance needs and are certified to ensure class-leading performance regardless of supply source.



THERMOLITE® INFRARED technology is an innovative solution that is solar-activate by the sun, or artificial light sources, using a unique blend of near infrared (NIR) yarns with proprietary additives. Yarns absorb the NIR rays to raise the temperature of the garment, while the system’s integrated high-quality insulation traps air, and minimizes heat loss, to help optimize performance in freezing temperatures.



ØSolar-activated technology absorbs NIR and raises the temperature of the garment

ØTHERMOLITE®INFRARED technology lasts the lifespan of a garment and does not wash off

ØGood insulation (CLO) levels

ØQuick-drying performance

ØGood fabric and insulation stability

ØFabric certification processes help ensure consistent high performance regardless of supply source




ØInsulation for jackets, sleeping beds, shoes, gloves, and caps

ØDenim, bottoms

ØReady-to-wear and outdoor shirting

ØReady-to-wear and sportswear tops

ØMilitary, law enforcement, protective and work wear

When you select THERMOLITE® brand, you can be confident you are making the right choice. With nearly 30 years’ experience keeping consumer warm and dry, our products offer outstanding quality, dependability, and performance. The THERMOLITE® brand has a history of driving innovation and providing marketing and communications support throughout the value chain.

For more information please visit The LYCRA Company website.

THERMOLITE® Infrared Technology

  • The LYCRA Company has developed a new technology to produce innovative denim fabrics with enhanced thermal performance, unique visual effects, and increased comfort.
  • This innovation can include two elements:

1.Specific ceramic powder pigments are added into fiber, which gives it a grey color.

2.Special patent fabric construction allows you to improve the fabrics insolating and moisture transport properties.

  • The fiber innovation is based on near infrared technology.
  • THERMOLITE® IR fibers generates extra heat and improves CLO Value

LYCRA® EcoMade Fiber

The clothes we wear, how we care for them, and the length of time we keep them in use all have a significant impact on the environment. The projected growth of the middle class is expected to further increase demand for apparel, putting pressure on already limited resources. Thus, our industry needs to rapidly develop solutions for a circular economy. Under its planet agenda platform, The LYCRA Company is working to do just that, offering a variety of fiber and fabric solutions that reduce or divert waste, keeping materials in use. Our newest offering—LYCRA® EcoMade fiber—diverts pre-consumer waste by putting it back into production.

Same unique performance as LYCRA® fiber Comfort and freedom of movement
Fit with circular economy Diverts wastes, keeps materials in production
Certified products* Assurance of transparency, safety and social compliance



LYCRA® fiber waste is collected at our manufacturing sites and blended with virgin fiber at specific concentrations, resulting in a product that contains pre-consumer waste.


A recently study by Refinery 29** of 500+ women in the U.S. aged 18+ showed that:

ØTwo of three think sustainability is one of the top three issues impacting our world today

ØOver 80% are “very or somewhat invested” in improving their ecological footprint

ØOver 50% say they want to improve their footprint in the area of textile and apparel waste

HYBRID Technology by Lycra® Brand

Knits. Wovens. Each have their unique advantages. But now consumers don’t have to choose — with hybrid technology by LYCRA® brand, they can have the best of both worlds — the comfort and flexibility of a knit with the authentic aesthetics

and performance of a woven

Fabrics with hybrid technology are made using The LYCRA Company patented and patent pending constructions that combine the look of a woven fabric with the comfortable fit and freedom of a knit.

The fabrics can be engineered for use in a range of different garment types, each

serving different consumer needs:

Everyday Jeans (LYCRA®): Moves with you for a fabulous fit

Shaping Jeans (LYCRA® Beauty): Shapes the body comfortably

Active Jeans (LYCRA® Sport): Supports your active lifestyle in and out of the gym

LYCRA® T400® EcoMade Fiber

Melt-spun elastic fiber from The LYCRA Company, based on multi-component technology that revolutionizes the comfort, hand, wrinkle resistance and easy care of contemporary fabrics.


The product is made partially from recycled material (50%) and another 18% is made from plant base material so in total 68% of the content is sustainable that is why it is called LYCRA® T400® Eco made technology.

Attributes Key Benefits
Self crimping structure Garments keep their shape
Made in part from recycled materials such as PET bottles Less waste going to landfills
Also contains plant based materials Renewable sourcing
Excellent chlorine resistance for denim washing Can achieve a variety of looks and still keep its shape



COOLMAX® Natural Touch™ Technology

  • The COOLMAX® Natural Touch Technology uses a patented composite yarn structure to enhanced the Moisture Management and natural appearance.
  • The COOLMAX® Filament inside the yarn moves moisture away from the body , while the staple fiber moves it to the surface for quick evaporation.
  • Cotton Blend on the fabric surface allow the quick absorption and gives an authentic appearance and soft touch.
  • Attributes Key Benefits
    Two COOLMAX® fibers for enhanced moisture management Keeps you cool and dry
    Cotton blend on the fabric surface Natural touch and appearance
    LYCRA® fiber for freedom of movement Comfortable to wear
    Dual core structure minimizes risk of seam slippage Ease in garment production


COOLMAX® EcoMade Fiber

Fabric made with COOLMAX® EcoMade technology transports moisture away from the body to keep the wearer cool and dry, helping to optimize performance. And, consumers can feel good about selecting garments engineered with this technology because the fiber is made with 97% recycled resources. COOLMAX® EcoMade technology can be used in apparel and non-apparel products.

Permanent moisture management properties which have long been the hallmark of the COOLMAX® brand integrated into fiber made from 97% recycled resources such as plastic bottles.

Fabric made with COOLMAX® EcoMade technology transports moisture away from the body to keep the wearer cool and dry, helping to optimize performance. And, consumers can feel good about selecting garments engineered with this technology because the fiber is made with 97% recycled resources. COOLMAX® EcoMade technology can be used in apparel and non-apparel products.

Permanent moisture management properties which have long been the hallmark of the COOLMAX® brand integrated into fiber made from 97% recycled resources such as plastic bottles.

    Moves moisture away from the skin Feels dryer against skin
    Breathable fabrics allow air to flow through Stay cooler
    Fiber made with 97% recycled resources Reduced environmental impact
  • Other Benefits :ØWicks Away perspiration

    ØAbsorbs virtually no moisture

    ØHydrophobic fiber

    ØAccelerates evaporation from fabric 20% more surface area

    ØExtra soft & comfort


    Special fibre cross-section move moisture to the outside of the fabric, where it quickly evaporates. As air flows through the fabric, you stay cooler.


    Plastic bottles are collected, cleaned, ground up into flakes, and made into chips, which are then spun into fiber and yarn, and finally, woven into your apparel. So you can have the same performance you’ve come to know from the COOLMAX® brand, and help the environment. Good for the planet and good for business.



    ØDenim and bottoms

    ØReady-to-wear and outdoor tops

    ØReady-to-wear and sportswear tops

    ØSportswear bottoms




The compressive force of LYCRA® FREEFIT® fabric is much lower than typical stretch fabric which indicates it provides less strain, more freedom to move, and a wider fit window.


  • Provide Easy , Linear stretch with good recovery and soft touch.
  • This is achieved by using THE LYCRA® Company Patent Technology on covering yarn , textile processing and fabric structure.
  • LYCRA® FREEFIT Fabric are easy to make due to low come down during finishing results in less shrinkage and open construction.
  • Heat set is not necessary.
  • Comfort ,fit and shape retention are the Top criteria in women’s denim purchases.
  • High stretch provide the flexible and comfort that many consumer are seeking BUT many high stretch fabrics have:
  • High restraining force , which limits the wearer comfort
  • Jammed construction which results more synthetic appearance
  • High Shrinkage and less Growth
  • LYCRA® FREEFIT fabric can addresses to overcome such issue and provide you soft stretch with less growth.

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LYCRA®FREEF!T® is a trademark of The LYCRA Company