Belltron® by KB-Seiren Ltd. is a High-Performance conductive Fiber which controls Static Electricity Responsible for various Static problems, like:

  • Static Electricity can cause trouble everywhere
  • Typical examples are the Crackle experienced when removing clothing and feeling the shock of an electric discharge upon touching doorknob.
  • Static Electricity is also said to trigger staining and hay fever because of its nature to attract dust and pollens.


Belltron®, used in many different forms, serves as a defense against such static problems
End Uses:

  • Apparel:
    Sweaters, ceremonial garments, school uniforms, fleece wear
  • Working Wear:
    Dust-free garments, work uniforms, lab coats, firefighter uniforms
  • Interior:
    Curtains, carpets, towels, blankets.
  • Household Goods:
    Masks, antistatic brushes, aprons, gloves
  • Others:
    Office appliances, wiping cloths, filters, car seats