bamboo fiber

Bamboo Fiber®

Bamboo fibre is a regenerated cellulosic fibre produced from bamboo. Starchy pulp is produced from bamboo stems and leaves through a process of
alkaline hydrolysis and multi-phase bleaching. Further chemical processes produce bamboo fibre.

Bamboo fibre fabric is made of 100% bamboo pulp fibre. It is characterized by its excellent permeability, soft feel, easiness to straighten and dye and
splendid color effect of pigmentation.


  • Softer than cotton, with a texture similar to a blend of cashmere and silk.
  • Better moisture absorption and ventilation. Moisture absorbency is twice than that of cotton with extraordinary soil release.
  • Natural antibacterial elements keep bacteria away from bamboo fabrics.
  • Garment makes people feel extremely cool, comfortable and never sticking to skin even in hot summer.
  • Anti-ultraviolet nature has made it suitable for summer clothing protection the effect of ultraviolet radiation.


  1. Intimate apparels include sweaters, bath-suits, underwear, tight t-shirt, socks.
  2. Due to its anti-bacterial nature, non-woven fabric has wide prospects in the field of hygiene materials such as sanitary napkin, masks, mattress, food-packing,bags.
  3. Decorating items: curtain, television cover, wall-paper and sofa slipcover.
  4. Bathroom products: towel and bath robe.