Vision Statement:

We will put all our efforts and keep on striving for attaining excellent performance standards recognized by customers to achieve and maintain market leadership in the textile sector with the help of regular introduction of innovative and high quality products and services, and with unwavering commitment of all the team members with the end result of improving quality of life of the entire team.


Core Values:

  • Integrity & Openness
  • Culture of Growth & Development
  • Equality
  • Employee Care
  • Environment Care

Quality Policy:
For iTextiles® quality means providing a compact solution in the shape of products and/or services that correspond perfectly with the promise by iTextiles® and expectations of the customer.

This is evidenced either by repeat order and/or acknowledgment of quality by the customer. In providing quality solutions, the Company ensures the product:

  • Retains intrinsic characteristics throughout the supply chain,
  • Is environmentally compatible and safe in all respects,
  • Reaches the customer in a safe and timely manner and free of all encumbrances,
  • Does what it is expected to do,
  • Is priced according to the value it delivers to the customer.

In ensuring the above, the Company commits itself to:

  • Maintaining the highest compliance and ethical standards at all times vis-a-vis laws and regulations as well as internal control and policies,
  • Continually improving its internal processes,
  • Training its personnel to a level where service objectives can be achieved perfectly,
  • Hiring quality staff and keeping the staff turnover at a minimum,
  • Providing the staff with all the necessary organizational support to perform at optimum levels; this includes information, expertise and authority.

In providing quality service solutions, the Company ensures:

  • The customer knows and agrees to the process, time, outcome and cost of services beforehand,
  • The services are delivered by the staff with most appropriate knowledge of the job,
  • The actual output corresponds with the agreed quality,
  • The customer is informed of any glitches in the delivery process of services in a timely manner,
  • Hiring, retaining and training staff that can deliver quality service solutions.